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And their amazing first day at ALA winds down…


Girls settling into one of their dorm rooms.

Girls settling into one of their dorm rooms.

The girls had a fun-filled first day, in which they got to know their Chomies and the campus that they will be calling home for the next week.

“The first day was way better than I expected.” – Emma Updegrave

“The people here are really nice and interesting! I’ve already learned a lot!” – Merritt Gibson

The girls are checked into their dorm rooms and hopefully fast asleep! Trip Director, Santi, says “As I am ready to go to sleep, I couldn’t have wished for a better first day. Our girls traveled 8,000 miles and still had lots of energy to spare to enjoy a day in a new place, to play sports, to sing, to dance and to open their hearts to new friendships. Looking forward to tomorrow’s discoveries!”


Meeting their ‘Chomies’ and settling in at ALA

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The beautiful ALA campus and warm weather.

The beautiful ALA campus and warm weather

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The girls arrived at the African Leadership Academy and were greeted by the faculty, their dorm parents and their ‘chomies’ or buddies/host students in the ALA lingo. They moved their luggage into their dorm rooms and then joined their chomies for lunch on the Quad. Their afternoon ahead will consist of ice breaker activities, a tour of the campus, an optional pick up soccer game, an african dance class and a scavenger hunt.

Santi says, “they are tired but they are running on excitement, they are such a fantastic group of girls.” Porter’s faculty Group Leader, Katherine Brink, says “the girls are all making friends already – it’s really fun to see!! Everyone is doing well.”

If you have not heard from your daughter yet, it is because she is already deeply engaged in the activities, however, you should expect some sort of communication from her before she goes to bed tonight.

Porter’s landed safely and cleared customs!

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The group had a great flight, most were able to sleep, and they landed safely at Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg on time. Some students needed to check their luggage due to weight restrictions for carry-ons but everyone has their bag, a new stamp in their passport, and they are off to the African Leadership Academy!