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Day 3 at ALA: Classes, Lunch with an Ancient, Community Assembly, new friends!

Another great day was had at ALA!

Santi says “the highlights were definitely the classes and meeting Ancient Pippa Armerding. The girls are so impressed with the engagement of both students and teachers, as well as how everything in their courses speaks to each individual’s goals for the future. Like a teacher here said, ‘they are not wishes, they are targets’ when referring to students’ goals.”

After a morning of classes the girls had lunch with Pippa Armerding, which was followed by a community assembly, more classes and extracurricular activities.

Here are Aisling and Michelle’s impressions of the day and their experiences so far:


The Porter’s group performs at the Community Assembly:

The girls are checked into their dorms for the night and looking forward to another day on campus at ALA, attending classes, continuing their BUILD Lab work, sharing in a special “House” lunch with their dorm advisors and building friendships.

Day 3 at ALA is off to a great start as the Porter’s students attend classes


Off to classes at ALA!

Off to classes at ALA!

DSC_1535-17 DSC_1537-18 DSC_1539-19 DSC_1541-20 DSC_1552-21

A class held on the ALA Quad.

Several classes held on the ALA Quad.

Photo Jan 11, 11 33 37 AM-35 Photo Jan 11, 11 33 12 AM-34 Photo Jan 11, 11 29 58 AM-30 Photo Jan 11, 11 29 41 AM-29 Photo Jan 11, 11 26 40 AM-27

Many classes are meeting in outdoor spaces.

Many of the classes are meeting in outdoor spaces.

Photo Jan 11, 11 16 54 AM-26 Photo Jan 11, 11 10 27 AM-25 Photo Jan 11, 11 10 25 AM-24 Photo Jan 11, 11 09 55 AM-23 Photo Jan 11, 7 48 14 AM-22

As you can see the girls are engaged in their classes with their ALA peers this morning. Katherine Brinks says “They are SO SO excited about classes. They each went to two this morning and are completely blown away, especially by Entrepreneurial Leadership class.”

After lunch in the ALA dining hall with Porter’s Ancient, Pippa Tubman Armerding, the girls will attend one more class, followed by a community assembly, at which I just heard they will be performing!



A fantastic Day 2 at ALA

Photo Jan 10, 11 12 39 AM-3 Photo Jan 10, 11 12 07 AM-2 Photo Jan 10, 11 02 57 AM-1 Photo Jan 10, 12 54 48 PM-6 Photo Jan 10, 12 54 41 PM-5 Photo Jan 10, 11 28 17 AM-4 Photo Jan 10, 1 01 13 PM-9 Photo Jan 10, 12 57 10 PM-8

Photo Jan 10, 12 56 11 PM-7 Photo Jan 10, 3 00 15 PM-13 Photo Jan 10, 2 57 16 PM-12 Photo Jan 10, 2 56 25 PM-11 Photo Jan 10, 1 46 52 PM-10

Santi writes “We saw a very interesting part of the city of Johannesburg today and we were able to appreciate it’s multiculturalism, cultural appreciation and interest in the arts. At the same time, we have had an additional day to get to know better our new friends. The conversations are deeper and more meaningful and we realize all of the interests and passions that we share with the students here. We are ready for a full day of classes tomorrow. The girls are expected to participate and be fully engaged. We look forward to taking one step deeper into the ALA culture by getting to know their academic side.”

As day 2 came to an end, the girls expressed excitement to attend classes tomorrow, had a snack, and checked into their dorm rooms. Hopefully they are sleeping by now!