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Just kidding! Check out this BEAUTIFUL and MOVING Video!

Luckily, our Trip Director, Santi, is a skilled videographer and editor, who also is willing to stay up half the night to put together this video of the group’s experience in Munsieville today. THANK YOU Santi for your dedication to the girls, parents and the success of this trip!

I also want to thank the Project Hope staff and the community of Munsieville for welcoming our group so warmly into their lives and work. None of this would have been possible without the generous support of Sharon and Michael McQuade, Porter’s parents and Trustees of School. THANK YOU TO ALL!

Day 5: Everyone is exhausted and in bed!

The girls and our faculty trip leaders had such an intense, amazing, eye opening cultural experience today that they were too exhausted tonight and still processing their various experiences to send me more words, videos and pictures. Santi said they will send more when they wake up.

All are in bed and (hopefully) fast asleep! Tomorrow they will spend their morning at the Apartheid Museum and afternoon continuing their EL work in their BUILD Labs while taking into account the experiences they had today and tomorrow.


Day 5: Student reflection on her day in Munsieville

Emily Wogelius just shared the following words and pictures:

“I just wanted to share some of my thoughts about our amazing trip to Munsieville today! It was a very eye opening experience for me. I saw so much joy and happiness when I was expecting to see sadness and poverty. We talked about happiness and how the people there truly have found happiness because their culture is based on community and family and things that matter rather than materialistic things…..the trip today was amazing and the people I met and am continuing to meet are incredible.”

IMG_4543-1 IMG_4546-4

Mama Gloria Tutu Redebe

Mama Gloria Tutu Redebe


Day 5 already! The girls are off to Munsieville for the day!

After breakfast, the girls boarded a bus to travel to Munsieville to spend a day working with Project Hope, interacting with and learning about the community of Munsieville, AND visiting with Mama Gloria Tutu Redebe, the sister of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, in the house where they grew up!

Katherine caught up with a few girls as they were heading off this morning:

Day 4: And the girls are checked into their dorm rooms and fast asleep!

Santi says, “Time is flying by so fast… tonight marks the equator of our trip to ALA. In the past four days our girls have immersed themselves in the life of this amazing school, they have started new friendships and, most importantly, embarked on a journey of self discovery and realization of their own potential. Our girls are learning and starting to use tools for innovation and development that can be used to actually achieve change in the world. They are already implementing these newly acquired tools in their research projects with the determination of making an impact when they return to Porter’s. We only have four more days ahead of us, and we will be sure to make the most of them.

We are excited to get ready tomorrow for our visit with the Project Hope organization in the township of Munsieville. Project Hope is an organization that partners with South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu to work with communities to address the needs of vulnerable children. We look forward to seeing the work of an organization that is impacting the lives of so many children, as we are hopeful to be able to also achieve positive change.”

Day 4: Working on their BUILD Labs

Porter’s Faculty Group Leader, Dan Bradshaw, says ” The girls are absolutely fired up about their classes, especially Entrepreneurial Leadership (EL).  My pod group has decided that their focus is going to be bringing EL to Porter’s in some way.  I’m afraid we might not get all 25 girls home, some are going to want to stay here! They just had house lunch with their chomies, and then a dodgeball game before a last class for the afternoon.”

Don’t worry parents, we will be sure to bring ALL of your daughters home!

IMG_2992-5 IMG_2993-6 IMG_2995-8

At work on their BUILD Labs.

At work on their BUILD Labs.