Daily Archives: January 8, 2017

Day 3: Field Trip to Maropeng

The light rain today did not get in the way of our field trip to the Maropeng Cradle of Humanity World Heritage Site. Quite to the contrary it made for a beautiful day and we were able to appreciate the gorgeous landscape surrounding Johannesburg. It was quite a treat. We also enjoyed greatly the Maropeng Exhibition about the development of Humankind, which included a fun boat ride! We had lunch there with our chommies and returned to the city for a quick stop at the mall before coming back to ALA for dinner. We are tired after this long day, but also ready for our group reflection later today.

Tomorrow we will return to our Seminal Readings and discussions and follow the regular ALA schedule.

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Day 2: A Full Day

A little bit more awake than yesterday we had a full day again today. We participated in the Seminal Reading discussions in the morning and worked on the BUILD lab projects in the afternoon. Afterwards we found some time to enjoy the company of our buddies and to get to know them better. The rain has stopped for now and after a last check in meeting and reflection of the day we are happy to go to rest so we can be ready for another day.

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