Day 14: Goodbye ALA!

Sadly our last day has arrived and we are saying goodbye to all our new friends and this wonderful community. ALA has been our home for the last two weeks, we’ll never forget the warmth of this place, the friendships and everything we learned here. Our group is now en route to a mall and then to the airport to fly home, but we are all leaving a little piece of our hearts back with the wonderful people at ALA.

1 thought on “Day 14: Goodbye ALA!

  1. Kimberley

    I would like to thank the ALA community for your hospitality and thank our very own MPS community for sharing this transformative journey. I have enjoyed your insight and been comforted by the warmth of your smiles as you made one new memory after the other. And while your time at ALA has come to a close, I can already tell, that the impact of this journey will last a lifetime. God Speed and safe travels home.


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