Daily Archives: January 6, 2018

SAA Flight #204 is cancelled and the group will be travel back to Farmington

SAA flight #204 was cancelled and the group has been rescheduled to fly out of JFK on Wednesday, January 10th to Johannesburg. We have a bus on the way to JFK now to pick up the group to return them to Farmington. It will be picking them up around 6:30pm.  

As you can see, the students are still in good spirits and beginning to understand how to manage issues as they arrive when traveling!

Our travel agent is working diligently to try to get the group on a flight before Wednesday. Rest assured that if the group does not fly until Wednesday, that they will be meeting to work on their BUILD Lab projects on Monday and Tuesday with Santi and Lulu so that they can hit the ground running once they get to ALA.

I will keep you posted.