Daily Archives: January 7, 2018

A day of building character

It is when we are tired, cold, hungry, uncomfortable or stressed out that sometimes we show our more unfiltered, deeper self. Yesterday was one of those days when we were some or all of the above at some point. It was so comforting to see the real character of our group and we were so proud to see how the girls responded under difficult conditions. Yesterday was a day when we learned a few more of the uneasy aspects of being a world traveler and an incredible opportunity to learn more about each other and enjoy our companions in this InterMission journey.

We need to keep in perspective that our troubles yesterday were just “first world” troubles. We were not at any point unsafe or afraid, just inconvenienced. We were able to talk with other travelers whose stories were a lot worse than ours. A small, yet powerful opportunity for us to grow and become more aware of the world outside our bubble.

A heartfelt thank you to Sophie Paris who spent the day in the IGE office tirelessly working her magic to get us back home and to rebook our trip for tomorrow. Thanks also to Michael Bergin and Christine Pina who welcomed us back on campus with warm pizza. Porter’s really is a family.

After a long day at JFK, their flight cancelled and returning to Porter’s, students look forward to departing on Monday

What a day! Though cold, tired and finished with waiting for a plane and then a bus back to Farmington, the girls arrived on campus last night filled with energy and excited to get to ALA eventually!

We have been able to book them on a flight from LaGuardia to Johannesburg, via Atlanta, tomorrow. They will depart Porter’s in front of Main at 6am (they will need to be there by 5:45am) for LaGuardia. They will take Delta flight #2515 departing LaGuardia at 11:59am, arriving in Atlanta at 2:48pm. They will depart Atlanta on Delta flight #200 at 6:14pm for Johannesburg, arriving at 4:30pm local time on January 9th.

Everyone is looking forward to a smooth travel day tomorrow!