Daily Archives: January 8, 2018

On board

Sending this note from the plane! We’re buckled up and ready to go. We’ll be turning off our phones in a minute and starting our flight. We’ll update when we’re on the aircraft for our second leg of the trip!

Delta Flight #2515 is delayed by 1 hour to depart LGA for Atlanta

The group is en route to LaGuardia and looking forward to an easier travel day today. Their flights have shifted by an hour both departing LaGuardia and departing Atlanta for Johannesburg.

Their updated flight details are as follows:

Delta Flight #2515 will depart LGA at 1:02pm and arrive in ATL at 3:51pm

Delta Flight #200 wil depart ATL at 7:00pm and arrive in JNB tomorrow at 5:16pm local time

If there are any changes, I will keep you posted.