Daily Archives: January 12, 2018

Day 3: Deep Discussions

In the morning we continued discussions around the Seminal Readings. Our girls went back to their work groups today and participated in the conversation. The girls are quite impressed with the level of discussion and the engagement of all the students here and they are happy to participate without hesitation. They can tell that strong opinions and open discussions are definitely a hallmark of the program here.

The discussion groups wrapped up the Seminal Readings with visual representations of their work, they worked on posters and murals which they have displayed around the school.

This afternoon we will have our first long stretch of free time after lunch. The girls are very much looking forward to taking it easy for the afternoon and spend some time reading, talking to friends or just relaxing on the lawn. This evening we will do some more BUILD work and prepare for tomorrow’s Founder Day Games. More info on that later…