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Day 5: Maboneng (2)

Maboneng is the vision of a young South African entrepreneur who started buying property in this area of Johannesburg and redeveloped it to bring it back to life. He started his work a little over 10 years ago, bringing back to life this previously abandoned area of the city. There are now hotels, cafes, schools and apartment buildings, and many new businesses are opening constantly. There is a strong emphasis in the arts and a lot of young artists and designers find here support to exhibit and sell their work. It was a pleasure walking around the neighborhood today and enjoying this beautiful day in the city,

Day 5: Maboneng

We are now en route back to school after visiting the Maboneng precinct in downtown Johannesburg. We walked around this recently redeveloped neighborhood, climbed to the tallest building in the southern part of the continent, and ate at an international food market.