Daily Archives: January 16, 2018

Day 7: Walk in Soweto

Today we spent our day touring part of the Soweto township. We walked through several different neighborhoods as we listened to the history of the township. During our walk we made many stops so we could hear the stories of its people and we were moved listening to the account of their struggles, both past and present. We learned a few words in Zulu, so we could greet the neighbors and high-five the children. We also enjoyed watching their dances and listened to their songs. We stopped at some of their food stands and tried the local snacks and ice lollies.

We walked by the house of Nelson Mandela and the spot where Hector Pieterson, one of the first victims of the Anti-Apartheid movement, was killed. We also walked by the house of Lilian Ngoyi, a young women’s rights activist who was sentenced to decades of house arrest.

We wrapped up the day with a traditional meal at a local restaurant. It was a delicious meal prepared with local food, cooked in the open fire. It was the best end to a tiring, yet highly satisfying experience.