Daily Archives: January 20, 2018

Porter’s at OWLAG

It’s hard to describe the warmth with which both the girls and faculty at OWLAG have welcome us. From the first minute we have been so overwhelmed with their attention and care. It really feels good to be back in an all-girls community, we did not realize until now how much we appreciate that aspect of our life.

Today we had a busy day with plenty of activities. In the morning we attended a showcase performance of their music department. We listened to their choir, orchestra, marimba ensemble and rock band. Music is a core component of the culture in this community and it was obvious in the incredible quality of their music ensembles.

We also had a “Girl Talk” during which the girls discussed many of the problems affecting young women today. In the afternoon our girls went to two community service activities alongside the OWLAG girls. One group helped paint a playground at a local orphanage’s daycare and another group knitted blankets to be donated to people in need on Mandela day.

Our day also included a Braai (South African barbecue dinner) at the head’s house and a presentation of our BUILD projects with the OWLAG community.

It has been a very complete day, but we are also getting a little sad as we realize that we will be boarding the plane to come back home tomorrow. This has been such an amazing trip, full of new experiences and incredible people.