Daily Archives: January 9, 2019

Day 3: Seminal Readings and Holocaust and Genocide Centre

Today’s Blog Writers: Brooke Kibbe & Alexia Sanabria

This morning, Year 1 students traveled to the Genocide and Holocaust Centre while Year 2 students remained on campus to discuss Seminal Readings and watch a documentary.


At the museum, we started the day with a presentation about perpetrators, bystanders, and victims, as well as what characteristics represent each. We then watched a video explaining the events of the Holocaust. After the video, we had a discussion around any questions that developed from the video. We were given a packet, inside which contained questions about the museum and it’s architecture. We had time to roam the museum and answer these questions.

After the museum, we returned to campus for a discussion on the seminal readings we had done the night before. We did these in our advisory “families” with our Chommies. Afterwards we had snack, free time, and dinner. After dinner, we read another seminal reading from 7-9pm in the conference room, which will be discussed tomorrow morning in the same manner as the one discussed today. We then had night snack, and headed to our rooms to get ready for bed.

Overall, we had a pretty nice day, and we loved the warm weather! Quite a difference from the snow in CT!!