Day 4: Seminal Readings, Family Lunch, and Founder’s Day Practice

Today’s Blog Writers: Anna Foster and Jenny Kang

Seminal Readings: Discussion

We started off our morning with a discussion of Nadine Gordimer’s short story, “The Ultimate Safari,” which is narrated by a young girl who escapes from her home in Mozambique during the civil war. My group’s discussion surrounding this text focused on the advantages and disadvantages of migration from both the migrants’ point of view and the point of view of the country they are migrating to. We also discussed certain characters and their embodiment of admirable traits, as well as themes that showed up, such as self-preservation, family, gender roles, and the role of white people versus that of black people.

– Anna


Lunch with Chommies and their advisory families

Every Thursday, ALA students meet with their advisory “families” for lunch. In each family, there are between four and eight students, and two or three teachers. I joined my Chommie and his advisory family for lunch today. It’s nice getting to know the people in his group (Although I cannot learn everyone’s names to save my life!) and everyone is so open and friendly!

– Anna


Seminal Readings: Discussion

Cultural anthropologists have the responsibility to share to the world the cultures of different communities. Additionally, they have the responsibility to depict communities in a way that is not othering that community from the anthropologists’ biases. The Body Ritual Among the Nacirema by Horace Miner gives readers an overview of the American culture using words often associated with negative connotations. My group began to have a critical discussion about the preconceived prejudices people had when cultural anthropology first became a widely studied subject and questioning if it was fair for the different cultures to be seen through a Eurocentric/colonial perspective.

Afterwards, different groups acted out and depicted different American pastimes, but with a little twist: we made it so that the familiar became unfamiliar. Here’s a video that gives you a glimpse of the activity that we did in class.

⁃ Jennifer


Founder’s Day Practice

On Saturday, we will participate in a school-wide field day with many different types of running races. This afternoon I joined a large group of ALA students out on the field. I practiced the 100m, 400m, my explosive starts, and handoffs for the relay. Everyone cheered on whoever was running and was so supportive!

– Anna

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