Day 6: Founder’s Day!

Today’s Guest Blog Writer: Evie Usich

Today, we participated in the ALA Founders Day! During Founder’s Day, the house teams compete in various races and a mascot parade to win points to go toward the house. Our team, Amazon, competed in all the female events and placed 2nd in the 4 x 400 race and the frisbee throwing contest. Linked is a video with some highlights from Founder’s Day.

After Founder’s Day we had some free time before our second BUILD session. During BUILD, we talked about issues that we are passionate about and from that discussion, we got into our groups for the project. For dinner we got Indian food to celebrate Meena’s birthday and later in the evening we went to a party at ALA. Today was another opportunity for us to be welcomed by the ALA community.

1 thought on “Day 6: Founder’s Day!

  1. Nancy Usich

    I have so enjoyed all of these blogs! All of you are so lucky to have this experience and bring back so much to other students. When you come home, I imagine you will be having discussions with with your other traveling friends about where they went and what they discovered on their trips.
    Evie,I can’t wait for us to go out to dinner so youncan tell me stories and show me all your pictures!
    XxxNanny in Ct!!


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