Day 8: First Day of Classes

Today’s Blog Writers: Eliza Kandrysawtz & Jackie Witt

Today we had our first day of classes at ALA! We shadowed our chommies to all of their classes today, some including African Studies, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Writing and Rhetoric, Business, and more. Most of these classes were based around BUILD, which is the concept we have been working with for our group projects. After classes, we had an assembly where we learned a little bit more about the community at ALA as well as watched a video about the Tunisian Independence. After that, there were sports, so a few of us went to watch soccer practice. Later, we went to BUILD and continued to work on our projects that focus on issues in our communities.

It was interesting comparing the classes taught at ALA to the classes at MPS. Many of us were in classes that we are currently taking or have taken at MPS. The discussions were similar and insightful. It was also interesting to learn more about another country’s culture at the assembly. We got to see what some of the Tunisian students wore for their Independence Day and their national anthem. After the assembly, a lot of us relaxed or took a nap since we felt tired after our first day of classes. What an eventful day!

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