Day 10: Classes and BUILD Presentations

Today’s Blog Writers: Mayrra Sardjito & Sarah Wagner

Today we had a fairly simple day, and we focused on ALA classes as well as our BUILD presentations. The Porters students were given the opportunity to join any class of their choosing, diverging from their chommie’s schedule. We went to various classes such as African History, Creative Arts, English Literature, Entrepreneurial Leadership, French, Philosophy, etc. Through these fascinating classe,s we were able to see the ALA students’ political and social awareness and love for education. The African Philosophy class got into debates and discussed topics such as should babies be killed, while other classes like International History had a review day and played games to recap events from semester 1. The students were able to have heated debates, while later laughing and joking together. We believe the motto for the day would be: attack the idea not the person.

Right after school, we had BUILD. Since we had a big presentation in front of judges after dinner, we spent two hours making slides and prepping. We were all super excited to present the ideas we had been working on since coming to ALA. The five groups presented issues on: supported formerly incarcerated people in the workforce, ocean pollution, women in the workforce, mental health, open-mindedness, and transparency between students and teachers. It was super helpful to get feedback from the panel of judges to revise our BUILD ideas. Overall it was a great day and we enjoyed hanging out with the ALA students!

Some pictures from the day:

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