Day 11: Exploring and Game Reserve

Today’s Blog Writers: Everyone!*

Cassie and Lex 

Today while visiting Kwalata, game reserve, we saw multiple beautiful giraffes along with many other animals. The lighter colored giraffe is the female compared to the darker colored giraffe which is the male. In contrast to many animals, giraffes walk with both the front and back legs of the same side!


Katje and Willow

While on the safari, our tour guide pointed out these giraffes as they walked in front of our ranger. He noted the difference between the female and male giraffes, as the males have ossicones (large horns) and the females do not. We loved learning about the animals we saw because we gained a better environmental perspective!


Jenny and Anna

During our game drive, a three-day-old zebra stopped right in front of our vehicle. It was too young to realize to be wary of the truck, so it stood there for a whole minute observing the truck.


McKenzie and Evie

We visited a daycare run by local community members. Children ages 1-6 attend the program Monday-Friday while their parents work and take care of other issues. We sung songs with them and gave high fives. The center was built with money raised by the wildlife reserve as a way for them to give back to their community. Before the donations, the program was run out of a one room facility, but today is run out of 2 beautiful new buildings. It was amazing to see what the reserve was doing for the surrounding community.


Jackie and Eliza

Today was a long day starting with a 3-hour car ride. The game reserve was worth the trip because we got to see many animals including giraffes, zebras, gazelles, ostriches, and wildebeest. It was really cool to see these animals up close and in person. We also went to an elementary school and got to sing with adorable little kids from age 1 to 6. That was a highlight of our day. We also got to go to an old age home, meet more people, and sing to them. Overall, today was filled with new and fun experiences.


Mayrra and Sarah

We had an amazing time on the game reserve today! We were able to see and take lots of pictures of gazelles, giraffes, zebras, and ostriches. This was the excursion we had been looking forward to for the whole trip and it exceeded our expectations!


Alexia and Brooke

One of the things we did today was visit sights that the game reserve assists. Our favorite place was the school/daycare! It is for kids 1-6 years old and they have 5 classes. We sang songs with the kids and taught them “head, shoulders, knees, and toes” as their teachers translated it, which was really cool. Brooke and I enjoyed singing and playing with the kids and it made us really excited to see them welcome us with their song!


What a great day!

~ IM South Africa

* All photos taken with consent of the game reserve and day care personnel!

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