The group arrived in Johannesburg and are at ALA!

After traveling for 20 hours or so, the group has finally arrived in-country! Everyone is tired but happy to finally be there. The moved through customs without incident, picked up some last minute items, and boarded the bus to the African Leadership Academy (ALA). Upon arrival they were welcomed by their Chommies (host students) and ALA staff for a short reception before moving their luggage into their dorm rooms which will be home for the next two weeks.

Susan, Cate, Amy and Sarah at baggage claim in Johannesburg
About to board the ALA bus at the Johannesburg airport.

Cate and Sarah report that our students jumped right into the activities and fun despite feeling a bit of jet lag! All are doing well.

Our group arriving on the ALA campus and being welcomed by their Chommies
Our students participating in ice breakers with their new friends.

Stay tuned for more pictures and updates!

1 thought on “The group arrived in Johannesburg and are at ALA!

  1. Ed Rigoulot

    Ladies, Enjoy your experience and have fun! Keep the pictures and updates coming What a wonderful opportunity!


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