Daily Archives: January 14, 2020

Classes with chommies :)

Today we got to go to classes with our chommies!!  It was so much fun and we learned a lot of new things. I, Maria, got to go to economics, math, EL, and history. I went with my chommie, Jonathan. It was really nice seeing how students interact a lot with each other and how they all have a strong connection with the teachers. My favorite class was EL which stands for entrepreneurial leadership. My group was working on a smoothie business and it was awesome.

As mentioned above,  we got to classes with our chommies. The classes I, Scout, got to go to were EL, biology, math, and African Studies. My favorite class that I participated in was African Studies. We recreated the map of Africa with a long piece of string. Then each student was assigned a different colonizing country and had to pick a part of Africa to colonize. Another class that I really enjoyed was EL. We started off the class by playing mafia! My chomie, Adams, was working on a project and his topic was water pollution. He taught me how the process of the project worked and showed me his progress on his own. 

Susan and Angela
Julia T, Amy, Scout, Julia C, and Maria
Leela and Mel

After we had lunch, which was SO GOOD! We had chicken fingers and fries!! We got to sit with our chommies and we had house lunch. It was super fun, they sang and danced.

Julia T. working on her PICS (passion, interest, cause, and skill)
Julia and Scout working on their PICS

After classes we had BUILD! We started with the first letter of the acronym which was: Believe. As shown above we created posters. The task was to find four pictures and connect them to the words passion, interest, cause, and skills.

  1. Passion – desire for something
  2. Interest – something you would like to learn more about 
  3. Cause – something you like to advocate for 
  4. Skills – something you are talented at 

We got to learn from each other and see how we observe and interpret things differently. 

Overall, today was a really eventful day and we had a lot of fun having a real day in the life experience. We got to see the structure in class and compare and contrast it to our classes. We found that the learning was a lot more intrinsically motivated than our classes. We also found similarities in the dynamics in the classroom and the relationships with the teachers.

— Maria and Scout