Farmington, Connecticut to Kyalami, South Africa

Today we took a trip to the mall and a visit to the Cuba’s home (Nande Cuba is a 10th grader at Porter’s)! We had our first sleep-in this morning before departing for the mall. At the mall we had time to look around, shop, and get food. Many of us bought clothes, food, and presents for families.

Mall experience

After we left the mall we made our way to the Cuba’s house. Once there, we were welcomed by a large crowd of both family and friends. We were treated with a Jembe drum lesson.

          We learned that drumming is used during births, funerals, and celebrations. After our drum lesson we socialized with Nande’s family and some of us even went swimming. Many of us toured their house and enjoyed getting to spend time with the sheep, chicken, and ducks. 

Nande’s family had a number of livestock animals on their property

Nande’s family also sang for us before saying a prayer. At the house we were offered amazing authentic African food for us to try and we learned about the rondavel house (a traditional round-shaped hut).

It was a very relaxing day, and a good way to decompress from our visit in Soweto yesterday. We appreciated Nande’s family’s hospitality and willingness to share music, African traditions, and stories with us.

— Scout and Julia C.

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