BUILDing a better future

“A short episode in Porter’s long history of shaping a changing world.” – Amy

Today we had BUILD all day. BUILD stands for Believe, Understand, Invent, Listen, Deliver. This is a class we have been taking since we got here. In groups, we identified a problem in the Porter’s community and come up with a solution. 

In the morning, we added the finishing touched to our presentations. We presented our solutions to the rest of the class and received feedback. Leela and Angela talked about respect on campus, especially regarding people of different backgrounds and cultures. They proposed professional development so our faculty can set an example for students. Maria and Mel proposed a mental health club to improve mental health at Porter’s. They proposed cooperation with health center and provide stress relief for the community. Julia C, Scout, and Ali proposed an affirmation program where students write down affirmations for themselves and others to help students stop judging themselves. At the end of presentation, they gave out post-it notes so that we have positive affirmation during the day. Julia T, Amy, and Susan worked on helping our community reduce its use of disposable cups on campus to “save money, save the planet, and save ourselves.” We hope to implement our solutions when we get back to campus.

Here is the link to view our BUILD presentations.

Julia C, Ali, and Scout presenting
Julia T, Amy, and Susan presenting
Angela and Leela presenting
Mel and Maria presenting

Every Tuesday we have house lunch. Each house is composed of five advisory “families.” Usually we eat on chairs and blankets outside with our chommies and their houses. Since Founders Day is on Saturday, we decided who would be participating in which activities. We enjoyed sitting outside in the quad in the sunshine. Before we leave, house lunches end in a chant from each house. Everyone is very excited and enthusiastic!!

We finished our day with our last dinner at ALA. We had a special dinner with our chommies, similar to the one we had when we first arrived. It was nice to spend time together with our Chommies and bonding one last time. 

In the evening, we held a Gratitude session and reflected on our time at ALA and our time with our Chommie. We distressed by playing music, dancing, and doing face-masks. We ended our evening enjoying cake and ice cream with our chommies. Such a great, fun last night!

Tomorrow, we have a fun full day at the Walter Sisulu Gardens before heading to the airport in the evening.

— Julia T & Susan

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