Daily Archives: January 22, 2020

Wheels are up and the South Africa group is on their way to JFK!

After many teary goodbyes and lots of hugs as the group departed from the African Leadership Academy, they arrived at the airport with plenty of time to shop and buy snacks for the flight. Cate and Sarah reported that all were in good spirits and looking forward to returning home.

Julia, Leela and Amy are ready for takeoff!
Maria, Scout and Julia with Ali, Angela and Mel are boarded and ready to take off!

The group boarded their South Africa Airway flight #203 to JFK which was delayed by 1.5 hours and they are currently in air. SAA flight 203 is due to arrive at 7:25am EST tomorrow (Thursday, 1/24) at JFK. Once they have landed, collected their luggage and passed through immigration, I will give you an updated estimated time of arrival at Porter’s.

Chasing Waterfalls

Today was our last full day in South Africa. We woke up and had breakfast on campus and then we headed out to the Walter Sisulu botanical gardens. We explored the gardens finding new creatures and beautiful waterfalls. We went on a fairly adventurous and strenuous hike much too many of our surprises. 

Group shot at the Walter Sisulu botanical gardens

The garden was a great way to reflect on our experiences. It was beautiful and sunny. We got some good exercise in before our night flight. Upon returning to campus we relaxed had a bit of free time hang out with our Chommies. Some of us even went to the last class of the day – just for fun! Everyone feels like they’ve made lasting connections. 

Group shot at the Walter Sisulu botanical gardens

Just before dinner we packed up and headed off to the airport. There were many tears and it took us a while to leave campus as it was hard to say goodbye to everyone. 

Group shot with our Chommies before leaving campus

Upon our arrival to the airport we were able to quickly get through security and to our gate. We had a family style dinner at Piece of Pizza. Most of us enjoyed American style food such as pizza and burgers. We are all sad to be going home, but glad to have had the experience.

Family dinner at the airport before our flight