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Room 411 Dublin on January 8th

Today we toured around Dublin. Our first stop was Kilmainham Gaol, a well known reform jail. On April 23rd of 1916 the Irish Republican Army headquarter at the General Post Office was attacked by the British Army. After the attack the leaders were sent to the Kilmainham Gaol as prisoners. It was interesting to learn about how the Irish were so determined to fight for their freedom and their culture.

After visiting the jail, we toured Trinity College. On the campus, there is a museum dedicated to the Book of Kells, the oldest religious book written in an illuminated manuscript form. The intricate details of the manuscript surprised us, as we discovered that it was all done by hand. What surprised us even more was the scale of the library located on top of the museum, as it held more than 200,000 volumes

Although we had originally planned to experience dinner at a pub, we walked over to Bobo, a burger restaurant near Trinity College instead. The burgers and milk shakes were amazing.

Trinity College Tour

Temple Bar Area

Temple Bar Area

Book of Kells Museum

Kilmainham Gaol

Cherise taking pics

Michelle Choi, Nicole Yang, Cherise Rodriguez, Tiara Do, Sofia Barth

First College Visit

Day 2 in Dublin. We started our day off with breakfast at the Generator (they have amazing coffee). Then, we rode the tram (aka the Luas) to Kilmainham Gaol where we learned about Irish rebel leaders and their executions. The jail architecture was beautiful but very cold. We then went to lunch where we were rushed so we took out, lunch to go (some eggs were dropped in the process). We then toured Trinity College where we learned about some famous people that had gone there. Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett were among them, people we learned about in the Writers Museum on our arrival day. We got to admire the Book of Kells and  the Long Room, which looked like Hogwarts, but was the inspiration for Star Wars (Ellen was particularly excited about this fact). Next, we had some freedom to explore the Temple Bar area, which was crawling with pubs, (pubs that we stayed out of), instead we ate at the burger restaurant right next door. After a good meal, we headed back to the Generator. We are all so excited to be in Dublin and sad to be leaving so soon! However, we will be meeting our host families soon and everyone is looking forward to that.

Kayleen Procanik, Katie Konin, Ellen White, Amelia Zhao, Olivia Bellusci

Another Dublin Day

Sleep! Glorious sleep. Today we’re off to Kilmainham Jail, where the architects of the Easter Rising were executed and martyred. Then on to Trinity College and an audience with the Book of Kells. Pics from yesterday:

O’Connell Street


General Post Office

Guided tour of the GPO

James Perry –> James Joyce