Daily Archives: January 10, 2018

Homestays are Lit! (Parents: that’s good)

Here’s a sampling of the texts Ana and I got tonight:

“5 kids and they all share 1 bathroom #rip But my fam is so cute!”

“picked up the son at swim practice, met the cat, talked about how to study with the daughter, unpacking now”

“I’ve been in the house for about 20 mins and the mom is so nice, and the daughter is cool too. This Homestay is about to be lit”

“We love our homestay. Our mom is so nice and the daughter is shy but really nice, too. Third floor of the house is our room so it’s gonna be lit too!”

“That awkward moment when I tried to take this sneakily while watching TV w the fam and the flash went off!”

“The three year old was such an ice breaker lol He opened the door and screamed ‘KAYLEEN IS HERE. HI KAYLEEN, you’re sleeping in Alicia’s room, hello, hi'”

“the cat loves me so that’s good”

Arrived at SEK Dublin

After a gorgeous hour-long train ride along the Irish coast, we’ve arrived at school. The girls are playing ping pong, tennis, connect four, and jenga as they await their homestay parents. A lot of nervous–but positive–energy. First night with Irish families!

View from school. Irish Sea in the background.

Connolly Train Station

On the beach of the Irish Sea

Swimming anyone?