Daily Archives: January 11, 2018

First Day in the Books

Our first day of classes was fun and interesting. It started with the Head of School Kristen Dickhaut collecting phones at the entrance to school. The Horror! She wanted to make sure that our students communicated with the Spanish students–and each other–face to face. Can you imagine? Once the girls got over the initial shock they were fine. Our students went to largely traditional classes: Spanish, English, Math, History, ¬†mixed in with the Irish music I mentioned this morning. Some learned along with the older students here and others decided to help the younger students with their English. At lunchtime we celebrated the 175th anniversary of Porter’s, as people did all over the world:

 Well done, Sarah Porter!

Love those uniforms! The girls also loved the two recess periods, a thirty minute session in the morning and an even longer one in the afternoon. After the afternoon break, Kristen made a surprise announcement that because of jet lag (the SEK students were on planes yesterday) and a general lack of focus (them, not us!) that we were going to take a bus to Bray and spend the final hour walking on the seaside. So we did:

Bray Head Hill in the background. Part of the Wicklow Mountains.

I guess you can afford to do that when you teach IB instead of AP. Did I say that out loud? Time for bed. Tune in Friday for our latest adventures.

Back to Class

The homestay are a hit, although the consensus is that the Irish like their homes a little chillier than we do. SEK Dublin enjoys a magnificent sunrise over the Irish Sea each morning:

After a brief orientation, Porter’s jumped right into classes. We should be proud, because the early feedback is that they started participating right away. No surprise there. Their favorite class so far was traditional Irish dancing:

Still working out class schedules, etc, but the girls are having a blast. More soon.