Community Service Monday

Early in our stay, one of the SEK faculty told Ana and I that to teach here you need to learn to “go with the flow.” When an opportunity to be out in the community rather than in the classroom comes up, they take it. Plans can change at the drop off the hat. Being from the US, the northeast, and Porter’s, it’s taken us a while to get used to it.

Today, we’ll see that philosophy in action. We’re going to six different organizations to volunteer and learn more about what they do. Here are the organization and the Porter’s students that are going:

  • Dublin SPCA (Kayleen, Ellen)
  • The Bray Lakers, a center for special needs adults (Cherise, Michelle)
  • RNLI, the Irish Coast Guard (Tiara, Katie)
  • Imaginosity, Dublin’s Children Museum (Olivia)
  • Youth Cafe (Amelia, Sofia)
  • Bray Recycling Center and Five Loaves Charity Shop (Nicole)

Pictures and reflections tonight.

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