Community Service Pictures and Reflections

First things first: Happy Birthday Sofia! Doesn’t she look thrilled and not at all embarrassed?

Some reflections from the day.

I was on the Dublin SPCA trip today with Ellen and Kayleen. They do amazing work. They’re a no-kill facility that brings in over 3,500 animals per year: cats, dogs, horses, goats, rabbits, even a potbellied pig that outgrew its apartment. The entire operation cost 10 million euros per year, of which the government provides a mere 10,000. They make up the rest with private donations, fundraisers, and three money-making enterprises on site–a vet clinic, a pet hotel for vacationers, and a doggy day care.

Check out the old goat. Oh, and there’s a white animal in the picture, too!

Do you get HBO with that? Thank you! I’ll be here all week.


Ana was on the Bray Lakers trip with Cherise and Michelle, a community-based sports, social, and recreation club for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. In the morning the girls helped the residents make clay picture frames for Valentine’s Day. In the afternoon they worked in the kitchen cooking a vegetarian Shepard’s pie, also known as Sheperdess Pie, as well as a gluten free seed bread (better than it sounds…Ana has a copy of the recipe if anyone is interested)!

We’ll try to follow up with pictures of the other trips as the week unfolds.

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