Going to Jail and Dancing: Two of our Irish Favorites!

This morning we took a field trip to Wicklow Gaol, which dates back to 1702 (we also saw an iron door that dated back to 1843. Whoa). This was the last stop before those who committed “crimes” (stealing bread, not paying debts, celebrating Catholic Mass in public) we’re either killed or shipped off to the newfound penal colony of New South Wales or Australia. The museum was well done, complete with dungeon and the hold of a ship. The Jail is said to be haunted, and the girls mostly spent their time hiding in cells and jumping out to scare each other. Our driver, Declan, had coffee and a scone in the cafe, and he said that he could hear screaming all over the museum. Ghosts, or happy Porter’s students? You decide.

I hate to tell you, but one of our students got into some serious trouble. Don’t worry. She’s scheduled to be released before our flight on Saturday.

We also had a professional photographer come to campus today. Ana took this great shot on the front steps of SEK while Owen was attempting to wrangle them into position.

The day ended with more Irish dancing. I’m told this dance is called the Kaylee. Fun, and a bit chaotic. The teacher kept praising the Porter’s girls and sending the boys out of the room. Typical.

Snowy, windy weather aside, we’re looking forward to an outing to Newgrange tomorrow, a prehistoric monument in County Meath. It’s over 5,200 years old, predating Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids. It features prominently in Irish mythology and folklore. I’ll know more tomorrow at this time. Stay tuned!

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