Daily Archives: January 19, 2018

Last Day in Ireland

What a beautiful island. One thing is more gorgeous and picturesque than the last. This morning we visited Powerscourt waterfall. See for yourself:

What a photogenic group. Look up from your screen, Amelia!

Sofia and Ellen re-enact the “I’m the King of the world!” scene from Titanic. Rose! Jack!

We also saw some mountain goats grazing on the side. I won’t tell you which the girls were more obsessed with, the waterfall or the goats. I’ll only say that they didn’t have a waterfall soundalike contest. They did do this, though:

Why yes, we are Americans. Why do you ask?

If that wasn’t enough. Declan drove us close enough to get a look at the Great Sugar Loaf Mountain. Though only 501 metres (1,644 ft) high, the Great Sugar Loaf’s isolation from other hills and volcanic appearance makes it stand out in the landscape:



Busy Friday

Remember last week when I said we were hiking to a waterfall? Well, I was wrong. But we really are today. We leave shortly. Pictures later. When we get back, all the students are sharing their projects on their community service projects on Monday. Then some farewell activities, including a video that the girls made of their experiences which I’ll share tonight.