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Last Day in Dublin

We began our day with a tour of Dublin Castle. The mix between Viking, 18th Century, and modern architecture was fascinating, and a good microcosm of Irish culture in general. Then it was time for the “challenge by choice” part of the program. After our two-day orientation, the girls were allowed to explore Dublin in groups of 2-4. All are present and accounted for at 5PM!

We will have a farewell and celebratory dinner at The Brazen Head, a pub that bills itself at “the oldest in Dublin.” Sounds to me like the “best cup of coffee” in New York City. We will follow up tonight with plenty of stories and pictures. Here’s a picture of Dublin Castle to whet your appetite:


Another Dublin Day

Sleep! Glorious sleep. Today we’re off to Kilmainham Jail, where the architects of the Easter Rising were executed and martyred. Then on to Trinity College and an audience with the Book of Kells. Pics from yesterday:

O’Connell Street


General Post Office

Guided tour of the GPO

James Perry –> James Joyce

Busy Sunday

I defy you to come up with a scenario more Irish than the one in the video below: Neal O’Shea at the Dublin Writer’s Museum reciting William Butler Yeats’s “The Song of Wandering Aengus.” It may have been lost on some of the students who had been up for 36 straight hours, but I know one English teacher who was thrilled. Thanks to the indefatigable Lulu Weathers for setting up the session. We all had coffee with Neal after the performance, and he was a great guy who had really done his homework on Miss Porter’s School.

That was followed by a tour of the General Post Office on O’Connell Street. Beautifully done. So much so that our zombies wanted to stay at the end for a nineteen-minute movie recreation of the Easter Rising. Big props to the troupers. Quick dinner and we’re back at The generator. More updates anon.