Day 1: Arrived in Shenzhen and enjoyed a traditional Chinese luncheon

From Dr. Alan Weathers, “After a 28 hour trip from the time we left Porter’s to the Shenzhen hotel, the weary travelers had time for a quick shower in their hotel room before a wonderful Chinese-style luncheon. The local Hong Kong/Cantonese food was the first opportunity for the girls to test their ability with chopsticks.  In the afternoon, we took a walking tour of the area, starting with the beautiful nearby beach, then a street with more traditional Chinese shops, and finally an outdoor shopping area with many familiar Western brands. The day finished off with another great meal in the hotel and a brief huddle to discuss the logistics of tomorrow’s welcome ceremony at SFLS. It was the end of a very long day.”


A walk along the beach in Shenzhen after lunch._______FullSizeRender _____FullSizeRender ____FullSizeRender ___FullSizeRender __FullSizeRender

Traditional 10 course Chinese luncheon at the hotel, hosted by the Shenzhen Foreign Language School._FullSizeRender

Taking the Ferry across the river from Hong Kong to Shenzhen

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Traditional 10 course Chinese luncheon at the hotel hosted by SFLS.IMG_6056

Associate Director of the AP Program at SFLS, Ling Yung, and Dr. Alan Weathers, Porter’s Faculty Trip Leader.IMG_6072

The group is tired and all are checked into their rooms at the hotel for the night and looking forward to their first day of school at SFLS tomorrow!

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