This week our refection comes from Olivia G.

The Shenzhen Foreign Language school was so different than I expected it to be. To be honest, I went into China not thinking about how big of a culture shock it would be. Despite the drastic change in environment, culture, everyday life, etc, the people truly made the experience. I would not have enjoyed my InterMission as much if it weren’t for my host student. The connection we built with the girls was truly unique. We came from completely different parts of the world, yet we bonded immediately. I think that having host students made the immersion goal a reality. They showed us their favorite places to eat, hangout, site-see and so on. I think, however, that we were not the only ones to learn from this experience. Many of them had never traveled to the US before. They were to us as we were to them: New and exciting. As cliché as it may sound, the SFLS girls proved to us that no matter how different you may seem on the outside, we are all the same internally. They may have worked 10 times harder (making us look like complete slackers), but deep down they’re all silly star wars-obsessed geeks like us.

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