Here’s the latest reflection from Kayley G.!

Shenzhen provided me with an experience unparalleled to anything I had lived before. I Experience new food, music cultures and attitudes to everyday life. The attitude in particular interested me the most. The streets of Shenzhen are buzzing bustling roads filled with people in their own little worlds. From an outside perspective, the people seem unresponsive, and to consumed with what they are doing and going to care about those around them. However, in Shenzhen, people draw a very clear line between stranger and friend. When passing in the streets, people tend not to make contact. No one wants to get in anyone’s way, and people tend to rush past each other. On the contrast, once you pass the door into their house they are some of the most welcoming and kind people you will ever meet. When I first stepped into my host student’s house, which lay near the center of the city, I was immediately welcomed with tea, presents and lots of food. Her mother, one of the kindest people I have ever met, would encourage me to eat everything I could and was constantly topping up my plates. When we arrived back at the Shenzhen foreign language school, my host student Laura made sure I had everything I could ever need. During the school day we learnt lessons in their classrooms and ate lunch in their cafeteria, all the while checking in with out host students. Even after we left Shenzhen, many of us stayed in contact with our host students. In fact, I still message Laura to this day, and hope to see her again.


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