Daily Archives: May 19, 2017


This week’s reflection comes from Sofia GV,

The trip to China was something that you only experience once in a lifetime. I got to interact with people from Shenzhen and Hong Kong, which, even if they are cities in the same country, they are completely different, and that really gave me a lesson about diversity and cultural differences. I am a curious person who loves exploring, and this opportunity fulfilled my desires, I got to live their lives for a weekend when I stayed in my host family’s house with Naya. Florence, our host, took us around Shenzhen, we went to the “Window of The World”, which is a park that has a monument of each country and some attractions, we had a lot of fun, took pictures and drank coconut juice from the coconut itself. She also took us to an oil painting village, and we saw the Chinese art in its essence, it was beautiful! Everyone took pictures of us in Shenzhen because we were basically the only internationals in the whole city, we were the center of attention, and everyone in my host’s neighborhood wanted to meet us. The food was new and unfamiliar, it was definitely a challenge at first, but now I can use chopsticks better than anyone back home and I am much more open to trying new and exotic things.

The school and experience in Hong Kong was more like a touristy one, we did go to school but we mostly did activities based on exploring the city and its museums. I loved Hong Kong and I am glad that we visited it because it is such an exotic and international city, and it gave me another view point of China. Overall the whole trip was very enriching and we really became a close group.