Daily Archives: January 9, 2018

Tuesday: Students attended classes, played soccer and visited the Olympic Park

Ah, Tuesday. We gathered this morning at 7:20 for breakfast with Grace and enjoyed our steamed soy milk. We discovered that the cafeteria sells interesting Chinese snacks such as pizza flavored pretz, green tea and blueberry pocky, and a variety of fruit flavored juices. We then attended IB level classes such as Environmental Systems and Societies, Economics, and Business. After a short break, all ten of us gathered on the soccer field and participated in a match with the RDFZ boys. Don’t worry, thanks to our goal from Gabby in the final minutes, we managed to grab the win #girlswinhere? more like #girlswineverywhere. Then we went back to classes- Art, Music, Biology and Computer Science were offered. The period lasted an hour and a half. Next, we fueled up in the cafeteria and headed out to the Beijing Olympic Park. We had to layer up because the wind made it quite chilly. The blue skys made for a picturesque afternoon (as shown above). The Birds Nest and the Water Cubic were architecturally stunning and a must see despite the cold weather. After exploring for a few of hours we went to dinner at Beijing Duck and ate a smorgasbord of traditional Chinese food. All settled into the dorms now, can’t wait for another day of fun. – Alyssa Landry

All photographs by Sofie Brandt.