Chinese Cultural Classes

HUMP DAY! Today we had a sleep in which was beautiful. At 8:45 we met Grace downstairs and went to our first class, Traditional Chinese painting. There, we learned how to paint in the traditional Chinese way, producing pictures of fruits. They were very beautiful and peaceful paintings. After, we went to a class where we learned how to speak basic Chinese. The teacher handled multiple plastic fruits and told us how to say them in Mandarin. Following our lesson, we had lunch and interviewed 3 students about their life experiences at RDFZ and in Beijing. Then we went to a dough modeling class. We were handed different colored doughs and taught how to sculpt roses. They were gorgeous! Then we went to a calligraphy class and Gabby and Vera’s calligraphy were elected best! After we had free time and played some basketball with some students. Then we ate dinner and headed back to the dorms to prepare for tomorrow’s adventures. -Sonali Butensky


Haiku for the day:

Walking in the halls

Learning how to speak chinese

Playing basketball


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