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Yuan fen – 缘分- A Chinese concept that represents the fate or chance that brings people together; predestined relationships

I can honestly say that I am slowly falling more and more in love with Beijing. Before today, I believed my affection for the city was caused by the different foods. architecture, and activities. This thought still holds truth, but something far greater is responsible for my infatuation. Yes, the foods I have tasted have been uniquely wonderful and an explosion of flavor. The ancient buildings have shared with me the years of labor and acquired skill needed to craft such intricate beauty, and one cannot forget the numerous new smells I’ve experienced. But after Lynn, our guide, told us about the prominent presence of “yuan fen” in the culture, I finally understood. It’s the people. Every single person I’ve met has greeted me with a smile and open arms. The children from the museum calling us their family, squeezing our cheeks, and giving us high-fives, the RDFZ students sharing their school and classes with us, Wang Li Hua welcoming us into her home and offering to teach us Chinese over WeChat, the Lamas hugging us and wanting to take pictures with, the RickShaw driver patiently communicating with us as he showed us his home, the lunch lady teaching me how to say various foods for future preference, the students wanting to take us to the mall, the art class drawing our silhouettes, all of this and more has helped me to see the true reason behind my growing love for this city, and furthermore, this country. I know my experience is limited and I recognize that this does not apply to everyone, but all of my encounters have been amazingly wonderful. These people have found they way into my heart and as my  affection for this city grows so does my love for them. I believe that I was meant to meet all of these people. Call it fate or karma or yuan fen. I’m just glad it happened. -Gabby Lowe

Hutong District

Lunch: noodles & dumplings

Lama Temple

Marisol and Alyssa fulfilled their dream of riding in the Rickshaw

Sonali and Sofie also fulfilled their dream

MPS 175 Worldwide Sit Down

Lama Temple

Lama Temple

Lama Temple

Doing the blog

Clara getting ready for the rickshaw


2 thoughts on “Cool things we did today

  1. Patricia Aucello

    Beautiful story. You are having this amazing experience because your heart, mind and soul are open. You all will be forever changed by this experience. How fortunate for you and all the girls. I am so happy for all of you as you explore the world.

  2. Miao Hwang

    Yes, yuán fèn is magical. Yuán fèn is a wonder. Yuán fèn brought us together, I being your Chinese teacher, you being my student studying Chinese. Let’s both value this short and sweet yuán fèn, 桂平.

    I am very happy for all of you for having such a fascinating experience, not just the architectural structure you saw, the food you ate, the history you felt, most importantly the people you met. It looks like you are a group of people who bounded very well. That is yuán fèn. I am looking forward to your presentation.


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