A Day at Tencent

Today we visited Tencent, one of the largest companies in both China and the world. What we found was truly incredible. We were able to go behind the scenes of a basketball game broadcast and see how they use VR and AR to fulfill their number one priority of enhancing the viewer’s experience. Afterwards, we learned all about the company. Before we mostly associated Tencent with WeChat, but we quickly learned that they are responsible for much more. They have also invested in a variety of other industries including video streaming, ride sharing, mobile payment, gaming, and social media. After learning about the company, we used software developed by a young Tencent employee to design a mobile website (linked below). Overall, we really enjoyed our time at Tencent and we look forward to what the next couple of days hold.


Marisol – http://cy.qq.com/cy/CybEHJVl.html

Sophie – http://cy.qq.com/cy/XcQZBvjl.html

Katie – http://fan.cy.qq.com/page/proxypreview?name=k8P4&file=eRZPuBhU.html

Matthew – http://cy.qq.com/cy/sKxNbOvi.html

-Sophie Mohindra-Green





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  1. huáng lǎo shī 黄老师

    Technology is another big piece of economic development in China. Going behind the scenes of a basketball game broadcast is unheard of. You must be very impressed and amazed. Now you know what it entails when you go out to see the world. What an awesome trip you have!


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