A Day at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Ah, Monday.  We met our tour guide Lynn at the bus in front of RDFZ and headed off to the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. The research university has seven affiliated hospitals, and is said to be “the best in the country”. With this in mind, we sat down for our first presentation. Many traditional Chinese beliefs were presented to us, such as Qi, a feeling of inner energy that can not be medically observed, and the Yin and Yang division of everything in nature. Yang is the bright, warm, dynamic side of nature, such as the sun, and Yin is the darker, colder, static side, such as a shadow. We also learned about the five natural elements: earth, metal, water, wood, and fire. After this, we had a two hour break where we were encouraged to nap and recharge our Qi. Not going to lie, Sofie and I didn’t nap. Our Qi is naturally way too high. Presentations started up again at 2. We were given a brief outline of several treatments for pain: Drinking different herbs/animals/minerals in tea is a common treatment as well as Tuina (a massage) and Moxibustion (burning moxa and mugwort leaves to heal pain- pictured below). We will head back to the school tomorrow, check in with us then 🙂 – Alyssa Landry

你好黄老师!我们爱你。- 中文三在中国



1 thought on “A Day at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

  1. huáng lǎo shī 黄老师

    I hope you have taken notes on Chinese medicine because next year you will write a paper about it in Chinese 4.. Did you receive any of the therapies? How does it feel? I can’t wait to hear about it. Sometime, it makes you feel rock bottom before you get better. That is life.

    Now that you know how to maintain your Qi (气), you will not be exhausted when you walk into classroom any more. That is so cool.

    I love you all too. 我想妳们!!!!


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