Beijing University of Chinese Medicine pt. 2

I have always been passionate about medicine. I’ve always thought there’s something magical about healing  a body and fixing it. Of course, i have watched every single medical tv show, and know the symptoms and treatments to the most basic diseases thanks to Dr House and Dr Shepherd and I myself, aspire to be a doctor. Needless to say that I was really excited to start the traditional Chinese medicine track, and I have not been disappointed. These two days learning from young doctors at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine have only reinforced my desire to become a doctor. But more than that, it made me want to create a new form of medicine that combines the technology of Western medicine and the theories of the traditional  Chinese medicine (TCM). TCM offers a more gentle and human approach to healing. Instead of using aggressive medication such as antibiotics and pain killers, it relies on establishing balance in the body, such as balance between yin and yang or the five elements. To do so, Chinese doctors stimulate accupoints to optimize the circulation of blood and chi and heal diseases. These techniques, such as acupuncture or moxibustion, have already been proven to be effective as they become more and more popular in western countries. Today, more than ever, I feel like I know what I want to do in my future and I will cherish the memories of these two days at the BUCM forever. -Soraya Lahlou

I have fallen in love with Beijing. I love the people, the food, and the city itself. I’m having trouble believing that our time here is almost over. The past two days we have learned about TCM(traditional Chinese medicine) which has made me love the country even more. Chinese people have been perfecting the methods of TCM for about 5000 years, and though it may seem odd and abstract to people coming from a western point of view, the more I have learned, the more I have found it fascinating. I came into this course with an open mind because I have never had an affinity to medicine, and I don’t often get sick, I just wanted to learn about the culture and I signed up for the art and medicine track for the art part. Despite this, I now wish I could continue to study this elusive science. I still feel no need or want to go into medicine as I begin to look at college but I certainly want to learn more about TCM. Many of the TCM practices shed light on the culture of China and because of the last two days, I am going to be leaving with a much better understanding of this beautiful country.  -Clara Landon


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