Daily Archives: March 15, 2019

And they are off to their homestays for the weekend!


Many students at RDFZ live in the dormitories during the week and return home on the weekends. Our students returned home with their host students to learn about and experience family life in China this weekend. They will return to RDFZ with their host students early on Monday morning.

Ella at home enjoying a snack with her host family.

Callie out to dinner with her host family.

Learning from Ancients abroad

Meeting Annie Zhou was amazing – I literally want to be her when I am older. She is an Ancient who graduated from Porter’s in 2002, and now she does important work in both the United States and China actively working on creating change. Today we spent the day at Annie’s office in Beijing learning about her work as the Director of U.S. External Affairs at the U.S.-China Green Fund. I think it’s so cool how her job has many different aspects. She gets to travel often, works with children, corporations, and the elderly to educate them about the environment, and so much more. She also told us more about how she communicates globally – if she has to call California, she usually schedules these calls at 8 or 9 in the morning so the time difference works for them, too.


We also got to eat an amazing lunch with her, try new foods, and hear about her experience at Porter’s. She gave us some great advice about trying out different things and taking opportunities to find out what we are interested in. She also talked about her time at Porter’s and how the traditions have changed since she was a student. Annie was so cool and I’m so thankful we got to spend an amazing morning with her! She is a true Porter’s girl who is shaping a changing world in so many ways.

-Callie G.