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Embracing the homestay

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Today our students spent their first full day with their host students and host families. We are spread out all across Beijing, connecting with our hosts and seeing and trying new things. Here are some highlights our students have sent!

“My highlight today was going out to lunch at the mall. The mall was similar yet very different than the mall in the US. Everything was new to me and it was also very big. My host family brought me to a restaurant there that is known for duck. I really enjoyed the duck and I also loved the ice cream that my host student got me afterwards!” -Ana B.

“When I got back from my many adventures today, going to the Beijing Zoo, the mall, and a hot pot restaurant, my host family taught me how to play a traditional Chinese tile game called Mahjong. I played this game for a few hours and I am just starting to get the hang of it, but I am so glad to have this opportunity to be fully immersed in the culture of China and I am truly grateful to my host family for being so welcoming and kind.” -Ella W.

“I am struggling to choose just one highlight so I’m going to do a few. I love my host family so much. Sarah and Monica (they are twins) tried to teach me some traditional dances and I got to make tea with them. They also brought me to get hot pot where I got to try duck blood and tongue. It was good, but I still like beef. Also at the restaurant they had a performance and I got to be a part of it!” -Callie G.

“My highlight of the day was eating breakfast with my host family and having my host student’s dad talk about tea. He brought out a specialty platter for tea and we had green tea and flower tea. He taught me so much including the history of each tea and when you drink certain types of tea and how many times you can use the tea. He also explained the cultural significance of tea and why so many people love it. I was very grateful for the time he spent with me and I look forward to different types of tea to try tomorrow morning.” -Laura G.

“My highlight was getting to know both my host student, my family, and the city of Beijing. It was so much fun to walk all over the city and meet all my host student’s friends. We went to the oldest part and went through all the shops, temples, lakes, and even a cat cafe with 2 cheetahs and 40 cats. The best part was getting to try all these traditional foods that we saw and that her family cooked. My favorite was churros with vanilla ice cream and Nutella! Such a fun day in Beijing!!” -Melina B.

“The highlight of my day today was walking around the shops and enjoying the views from a little area in the center of Beijing. It was hard to pick just one part that stood out because not only was the food really good but also watching the scenery of my surroundings change as night approached was incredible. All the colorful lights and glow-in-the-dark toys guided us out. It was a good day overall.” -Kyla G.

“My highlight was going to the top of the CCTV tower the tallest building in Beijing) and having a view of the city by night.” -Jackie M.

Stay tuned to hear even more about their adventures tomorrow!