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Home away from home

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 Today was our students’ second and last full day of the homestay experience. We are excited to see them tomorrow and to hear more about their adventures from the weekend! Here are some more highlights.

“The highlight of my day today was probably making dumplings with Betty, Tony, Mel, Cynthia and her parents. Rather than feeling like a tourist, making this typical Chinese dish along side my host student and others made me feel a part of a family. It also was super fun and helped me to really get to know Tony, Cynthia and Betty. Dumplings, being so important to Chinese culture and cuisine, really connected me to Beijing and its history as well as Cynthia’s family and friends.” -Kyla G.

“I went to Zizhuyuan Park. It was really beautiful and there were a lot of people.” -Jackie M.

“My highlight today was going to 798. It was really cool and I loved exploring all the different artwork. I was able to take a lot of pictures and also do some shopping.” -Ana B.

“One of my highlights today was having dinner at the same restaurant we had lunch with Annie Zhao. It was such a coincidence, but I loved the soup dumplings at this restaurant so I had no complaints. After dinner I got to see the CCTV building all lit up at night. A perfect way to end my homestay. I am going to miss Joy and her family but I am excited to see my pals again!” -Lila C.

“I loved the art district. It was so colorful and artsy. There was an album store with every singer you could think of! I bought my family some souvenirs (so if you’re reading this mom, dad, and Aidan, get excited!). I also learned how to make dumplings! So yummy!” -Callie G.

“The highlight of my day was really getting to know my family and traditions better. Meeting their family friends and making dumplings was truly a special way to become immersed into the culture. After learning to cook all of the dinner, I got the chance to sit down with my student and her friend Tony and discuss what life is like in China, a truly eye-opening experience.” -Mel B.

“I went to the 798 art district today and it was just so incredible. It was also my host family’s first time going and that made it even more amazing because they were experiencing everything for the first time also. My host family has been so kind and giving to me and I am so glad to know them and I look forward to staying in contact with them when I get home.” -Ella W.

“The highlight of my day was the beautiful hike we went on. I got to learn all about the ancient temples and the tensions between China and Japan during WW2. The statues were really cool and very old. I loved the art work it reminded me a lot of the Summer Palace. The view was gorgeous and I got to see a lot of blossom trees; the most popular trees in China.” -Laura G.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow as we return to classes at RDFZ!