Appreciating the arts

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Lila Conners shares her reflection of the day:

This morning we all returned from our homestays in time for Monday classes with our host students. Since most of our host students are generally part of RDFZ but are not part of the ICC school, where classes are taught in English, our classes today were taught in Chinese. As observers we got to instead compare the lecture-like classroom at RDFZ with the round table discussion at Porter’s. After classes we attended a flag raising ceremony. It was very cool to see the patriotism represented at the school. We were introduced as a group by the Principal of RDFZ in front of the student body of 6,000+.

After the flag raising ceremony we had traditional Chinese painting class. In the class, we painted traditional Chinese orchids on fans. We all managed to put our own creative spin on the design. After painting we had lunch and then a soccer game against the girls soccer team at RDFZ. We had so much fun bonding with girls and getting some exercise in. Ella took a few tumbles and we happened to catch it on camera. I will be sure to have that video linked below once our media is back up and running. After the soccer game we got changed back into our uniform and headed to Chinese dough modeling. We made cute pandas! Our teacher then made an outstanding bird. The teacher mentioned that the flour used in the modeling clay is the same type of flour used to make traditional Chinese noodles. After dough modeling we headed to a Chinese calligraphy class. Traditional Chinese calligraphy dates back to the Shang Dynasty (1600 BC- 1046 BC). Over many years Chinese calligraphy has evolved into many different forms. We all got to practice writing the word “China” in calligraphy with ink and calligraphy brushes.

After a long day of classes we all got to sit back and enjoy traditional Chinese hotpot – boiling seasoned water where thinly sliced meat and veggies can be added to the pot and cooked quickly. It was delicious! For dessert, Jackie and Cate took us to a restaurant that serves the most lovely and beautiful tea I have ever seen – Cherry blossom tea. It was a perfect way to end Jackie’s birthday and an awesome day!

Tomorrow we venture into Beijing to see the sights. Stay tuned!

1 thought on “Appreciating the arts

  1. Mimi

    Lila we can not believe how fortunate you are to have had this exceptional experience. How attractive you all look in your uniforms. Makes us proud to see the Porters ladies so appropriately dressed representing our country in such a dignified manner. I loved Beijing when I was there. I saw a picture of you walking by the Birdsnest stadium isn’t it just an incredible looking building? Can you imagine building the Great Wall? It is so spectacular to look up in the mountains and see it running from here to the what appears to be forever. I bought Burmese jade earrings while I was in China as Burma is known to have the finest jade. I love watching you take an art class to learn to write in Chinese the calligraphy is so beautiful. You will be leaving soon with memories to last a lifetime.


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