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Tuesday: Students attended classes, played soccer and visited the Olympic Park

Ah, Tuesday. We gathered this morning at 7:20 for breakfast with Grace and enjoyed our steamed soy milk. We discovered that the cafeteria sells interesting Chinese snacks such as pizza flavored pretz, green tea and blueberry pocky, and a variety of fruit flavored juices. We then attended IB level classes such as Environmental Systems and Societies, Economics, and Business. After a short break, all ten of us gathered on the soccer field and participated in a match with the RDFZ boys. Don’t worry, thanks to our goal from Gabby in the final minutes, we managed to grab the win #girlswinhere? more like #girlswineverywhere. Then we went back to classes- Art, Music, Biology and Computer Science were offered. The period lasted an hour and a half. Next, we fueled up in the cafeteria and headed out to the Beijing Olympic Park. We had to layer up because the wind made it quite chilly. The blue skys made for a picturesque afternoon (as shown above). The Birds Nest and the Water Cubic were architecturally stunning and a must see despite the cold weather. After exploring for a few of hours we went to dinner at Beijing Duck and ate a smorgasbord of traditional Chinese food. All settled into the dorms now, can’t wait for another day of fun. – Alyssa Landry

All photographs by Sofie Brandt.

Welcome to the RDFZ Beijing – Porter’s in China Blog!

We are getting excited for this 11th grade InterMission class to begin their incredible journey to the High School Affiliated with Remnin University (RDFZ) in Beijing, China!

You can expect to receive updates twice daily on this blog. Please keep in mind that the time in China will be 13 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time so the postings may not happen on a schedule that makes sense in your time zone. This blog is the place to find pictures, videos and reflections from students and faculty on the trip, as well as to receive daily updates about the group’s activities and experiences. We are asking our faculty trip leaders to post all materials so that students can be present for every moment and so that they will not worry about posting to the blog in a timely manner.

We also strongly encourage you to keep your contact with your daughter to a minimum during her experience at RDFZ, which will allow her to fully immerse herself in the life and community of the school and city. Emailing periodically is a great way to touch base with her without disrupting her engagement in school and other activities. We strongly discourage texting and phone calls for the duration of this cultural immersion.

It is going to be a FANTASTIC experience for all and we look forward to sharing it with you on this blog.