Daily Archives: January 7, 2017

Our First Evening in France

It is after 9PM (21:00) local time in France, and our first day in the country is coming to a close.

Students have spent the afternoon with their host families — exploring Rennes, playing board games, sharing stories, etc. — and now everyone is looking forward to a good night’s sleep after our many hours of travel and excitement.

To celebrate the day, find below some more of the moments in which Porters’ students met their hosts for the first time:



From Paris to Rennes in an Afternoon

We arrived in Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport and located the macaroon cart before catching a connecting flight to Rennes.


About an hour later — thrilled and relieved to have finally arrived at our destination — the Porter’s crew touched down in Rennes at about 2PM (14:00) local time.

Feet on the ground in Rennes.

Almost as soon as we entered the airport, we could see the students’ host families gathered to greet us just beyond a set of glass doors. Our students’ sense of anticipation and excitement was enthusiastically matched by our French hosts, who applauded as we entered the “arrivals” area.

Meeting host families for the first time.      Meeting host families for the first time.

And so begins the host family experience for Porter’s Intermission students in France, January 2017!


Porter’s group arrives in Paris

The group arrived in Charles de Gaulles International airport in Paris at 4:00 AM EST, which was 10:00 AM local time. They have been eating and shopping as they wait to board their next flight to Rennes at 12:30pm local time (or 6:30 am EST). Faculty Trip Leader, Rebecca Plona, reports that all are extremely excited to finally arrive in Rennes and to meet their host families soon!