Exploring Rennes

Students will be expected at the Lycée Saint Martin bright and early tomorrow, so they enjoyed the last of the weekend with their host families.

Maddy Tamms (’18) reports that she sampled her first cheese fondue today, and loved it. She says, “We went downstairs for lunch and we had fondue! It was delicious and I had a lot of fun. In the picture is Papa [host father], Auriane [host sister], Jérémie [host brother], and me!”

maddy tamm


Viola Corning (’18) enjoyed a French game of Monopoly with her family. She writes, “Buying property in France takes just as much time as it does in the USA.”



Meanwhile, Carmela Daponte-Smith (’18) introduces us to her famille explaining “I just finished playing a board game with my family, and am about to have fajitas for dinner!”


And Jane Maeng’s (’18) adventures with her host family found her at “the tallest point of Rennes!”



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