A Half-Day Immersion

This is the first school day during which Porter’s students will accompany their hosts to the Lycée’s regularly scheduled classes. Since it is a half-day, we will meet as a group shortly before noon for our daily reflections together, but until that time, it’s all about being immersed in the Lycée Saint Martin!

As we look forward to the morning schedule, we also thank our hosts for a remarkable series of site visits yesterday. In honor of these, please find below (from left to right) Gaelen Carroll, Carmela Daponte-Smith, and Lillian Parrotta (’18 — pictured top), Jane Maeng (’18 — pictured middle),  Lauren Boyes, Maddie Duchesneau and their French hosts (’18–pictured below) at Mont Saint Michel abbey.




We also wish to thank our hosts for arranging a bowling activity last evening with Porter’s students, host students, and host families. At the bowling venue, from left to right, please find below Viola Corning, Shushu Fang, (’18–pictured top), Katherine Bishop, Lyrik Garyk and Maddy Tamms (’18 –pictured below).



For now, though: off to classes!


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