Cultural Exchange & the Planetarium

Our students started off the day with a lecture from Monsieur Février on Brittany’s past and present. Next, Monsieur Février invited some of his French students to join the class and share their views of America with our students, while likewise requesting our students to share their perspectives on France with his pupils. He thereby orchestrated an intercultural exchange and mutual learning opportunity.

Jane Maeng (’18) conversing with French students during an exercise. Maddy Tamms and Lyrik Garyk (’18 — pictured in lower right corner).



Nancy Zhou, Macy Reid and Maya Butensky (’18) in conversation with Monsieur Février’s students.



And afterwards, we were treated to a visit to the Rennes Planetarium. We gathered outside in light rain to take this photo, and consequently it is not clear, but nevertheless it provides a sense of the Planetarium’s structure.





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